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About InflaMed

Everyone has a unique set of triggers for allergies and inflammation, from asthma to eczema and acute dermatitis. The InflaMed inflammation and allergy tracker was born out of personal struggles with chronic inflammation, and a need for a more painless pathway to manage the quality of one’s life while waiting to see a specialist. With your InflaMed account, you can record personal trends while keeping track of seasonal changes, pollen, food intolerance and more, and integrate them with your test results.



About Us

Our Founder and CEO, Mari Robert, knows what it's like to suffer from chronic inflammation and allergies. When moving her young family to San Antonio, Texas, Mari and her children began experiencing allergies and severe eczema and asthma. They tried everything to eradicate the crippling symptoms. Thankfully, after moving back to Melbourne, their symptoms gradually improved. But this experience got Mari thinking, ‘How much has your environment got to do with allergies?’ She developed the InflaMed app to drill down to the root causes, identify inflammation triggers so you and your practitioner can map out a personalised action plan.

Personal data capture

We help you capture a portrait of the impact of allergies and environmental exposure on your lifestyle so you can have a more meaningful discussion with your medical practitioner.

Alerts that matter

Get real-time information about local pollen content, ingredient content of certain foods or chemical compounds, and make decisions based on your personal triggers.

Here to help

Discover a wealth of resources to help manage your chronic inflammation, from the latest news and research to informative videos on specific ailments and causes.


The entire journey




Individuals suffering from allergies and inflammation are not the only people who can benefit from InflaMed. Health practitioners, from dermatologists to dietitians to allergy specialists, can use the InflaMed inflammation and allergy tracker app with their clients. By giving clients the power to track the factors in their environment that could trigger inflammation, InflaMed gives practitioners the ability to use the wealth of data their clients collect to assess their condition. With personalised data on hand at the appointment, more headway is made toward recovery from allergies and inflammation.

We are currently looking for GPs and specialists to collaborate with on building out a set of endpoints for research and clinical studies. Please get in touch with us on the Contact Us page.


App Features

Exposure tracker

The InflaMed inflammation and allergy tracker offers a variety of ways to track your inflammation triggers. From live pollen and air quality data, to identifying problematic ingredients in food or chemical components with a simple scan, you’ll have greater insights into risk factors so you can plan your day with less stress. You can keep a personalised journal of your symptoms, to tell the app when you may be at risk of exposure to inflammation.

Test result integration

You can import previous test results for food or chemical allergies that you have confirmed into the app, such as a skin prick or microbiome test, so it can give you a more holistic view of triggers that affect you personally. By storing all your information in one place, along with the data gathered from the app, you’ll gain a more holistic view of your symptoms. Personalised care is at the heart of our user experience.

Your trends

The more data the inflammation and allergy tracker gathers for you, the more it can help you map a visualisation of your inflammation including dates recorded, levels of exposure, and any adverse effects. You’ll be able to notice patterns, if any, in your allergy and eczema levels, which will prove helpful during your next visit to your medical practitioner to get to the root cause of your issues faster.


A less commonly discussed side effect of chronic inflammation is the stress it creates. The InflaMed app comes with a ‘Me Time’ feature, which you can set to remind you of the best time for some self-care. Within the app you have options for breathing exercises, meditation, or searching for local yoga or massage therapists. But what you define as Me Time is entirely up to you – and you can make sure to set aside that time for yourself.


Explore plenty of helpful resources at your fingertips to get a better understanding of your inflammation. Along with the in-app feed of the latest news and research in the allergy and eczema field, you can search plenty of recipes that keep food intolerances in mind, or find restaurants that specialise in particular foods. For medical assistance, it can help you locate your nearest health specialist, or give you recommendations for books and academic resources.


We understand how important having a support system is to reduce any stress you may already be experiencing. If you have any issues or concerns with our inflammation and allergy tracker, our feedback system is easy to use and responds promptly to your queries. Simply shake your device while you are in the app, to bring up the support prompts. Our driving force is to empower chronic suffers to improve the quality of their life.

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Pricing options

When you sign up for an InflaMed account through the app, you have the option for a regular monthly subscription, or a yearly subscription at a discounted rate. Both plans have a 14-day free trial, after which you receive unlimited access to all of the app’s features. Don’t worry, if you cancel your subscription before the free trial ends, you will not be billed.



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Frequently asked questions

InflaMed is geared towards both sufferers of chronic inflammation, including AAA (allergies, asthma and atopic dermatitis), as well as caregivers of those suffering from these symptoms who require insightful assistance from an inflammation and allergy tracker in helping ease their condition.

This app does not provide medical advice. Instead, we give you tools to form a clearer picture of your issues through tracking patterns and effects of exposure so you can form a concise, more helpful conversation when you see your health specialist.

You can do this both through integrating test results for foods or substances you have known allergies too, as well as using the scan function to identify potentially abrasive ingredients in unfamiliar foods. The app will flag your food entries to show what you have documented as a superfood or an avoid.
Aside from building evidence for your condition to present to your healthcare specialist, the app can provide you with a digital chef card that can easily present any food intolerances you may have at a restaurant, or you can scan the menu for target ingredients. You can plan your day based on the live pollen and air quality reports of the area you are in.

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